Calendar Tote Bag

Calendar Tote Bag


Material : Tyvek Paper + Canvas Cloth

Tyvek is a material that is made of high-density polyethene fibres. It is a very durable fabric that feels like paper. This material is very durable, lightweight and water-resistant.
Recyclable | Less Waste

2 Sided Tote Bag : Paper fabric on one side and canvas fabric on the other side. Flip it over to expose a different design, different texture.

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Creator’s Note : It is plain randomness without any meanings behind the date selection. When we create this design, we tear a piece of the calendar as reference. Initially, we thought we should change it into a date that is “meaningful” but that is not Dreveal style of doing things. Randomness is. Moreover, who are we to determine out of the 365days which one is the “best day”?

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 33 × 9 × 38 cm


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